VEGAS GOES UNDERGROUND: Inside the Innovative Convention Center Loop

Credit: Original article published by Barrett-Jackson.

The Las Vegas Convention Center Loop is a transportation marvel that is already revolutionizing how people move around Las Vegas. The tunnel is the brainchild of Elon Musk’s Boring Company, which aims to create a network of underground transportation tunnels in the city to alleviate traffic congestion – especially along the world-famous Strip.

The tunnels in Las Vegas currently allow convention and trade show attendees to travel underground across the vast convention center site, connecting the relatively new West Hall with the North, Central and South Halls. The Vegas Loop has also opened a passenger station at the nearby Resorts World, providing direct access to and from the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The innovative system is designed to transport more than 4,400 convention attendees per hour across the campus by loading up to three passengers into a Tesla Model X.

The experience of riding in the tunnel is thrilling, with an unmistakable futuristic vibe. As the vehicle descends into the colorfully lit tunnel, a driver expertly navigates the Tesla through the tunnel system and is happy to answer questions about the vehicle in which you are riding or the Loop itself.

Here’s another bonus: The Las Vegas Loop is an environmentally friendly and efficient way to transport people ‒ the electric vehicles used in the tunnel produce zero emissions, making it a sustainable mode of transportation. The tunnel’s design also allows for a continuous traffic flow without the usual stops and starts that cause traffic congestion on surface streets.

The Las Vegas Convention Center Loop is truly a remarkable achievement in underground transportation that provides an exciting and convenient way for auction attendees to easily access the Convention Center without concerns about traffic or parking.

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