UNLEASHING INNOVATION: The Exquisite 2019 Ford GT Lightweight Edition

Credit: Original article published by Barrett-Jackson.

Written by Nicole Ellan James

The Ford GT embodies innovation. By reviving the GT, Ford embarked on a new chapter in its lineage of performance cars. Right from the beginning, the GT was meticulously engineered as a race car tailored for the open road. Every detail, from its creases and angles to its vents and channels, was shaped with relentless dedication to optimize aerodynamics. This deliberate engineering approach resulted in a stunning design that seamlessly merges form and function, epitomizing the concept of marrying aesthetics with purpose. The GT was more than prepared to conquer any race circuit and outperform its competitors ‒ and conquer it certainly did.

In its racing configuration, the GT reigned supreme in its class, delivering a performance that was truly unmatched. A standout moment came on the memorable 50th anniversary of Ford’s initial triumph at the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans, where they achieved a remarkable podium sweep. Ford celebrated this significant milestone by securing victory in the 2016 Le Mans Grand Touring Endurance Professional (LMGTE) Pro Class with the No. 68 American entry piloted by Joey Hand, Sébastien Bourdais and Dirk Müller. This triumph was a testament to the GT’s prowess and the exceptional skill of its drivers, solidifying Ford’s place among the racing elite.

Following the success of the race, Ford offered the Ford GT to customers in the 2017 model year. Among those produced was a handful of Competition Series cars, which were customer copies of the 2016 race car that won the LMGTE Pro class in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The Competition Series lacked anything not essential to performance ‒ including things like air conditioning, a sound system and cupholders.

In 2019, a compelling addition graced the order form of the Ford GT: the 600A Lightweight Package. This package drew inspiration from the weight-saving strategies of the Competition Series, incorporating elements such as titanium lug nuts, a titanium exhaust and a lightweight Alcantara steering wheel. However, it skillfully maintained the creature comforts found in the standard Ford GT, including features like air conditioning, cup holders and the infotainment system. By offering this option, Ford struck a harmonious balance between shedding unnecessary weight and preserving the desirable amenities that enhance the overall driving experience.

The unique 2019 Ford GT heading to Barrett-Jackson’s 2023 Las Vegas Auction is a No Reserve offering. The event, scheduled for June 22-24, takes place in the West Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. This specific GT was originally ordered through Galpin Ford in Van Nuys, California. It showcases a stunning Liquid Gray exterior complemented by carbon-fiber stripes and exposed carbon-fiber trim. Remarkably, this GT boasts an impressive array of factory options valued at over $80,000, including the highly sought-after 600A Lightweight Package. Moreover, to ensure its pristine condition, the Ford GT has been meticulously wrapped in paint protection film, treated with a ceramic coating and equipped with a windshield protection film.

At the core of the GT lies a carbon-fiber monocoque structure, forming the foundation of its design. This monocoque is securely bolted to both the front and rear aluminum subframes, which not only provide structural support but also act as active stress members for the advanced hydraulically adjustable pushrod suspension system. This innovative setup enables the GT to dynamically adapt to various road conditions by offering variable ride height and selectable drive modes. Additionally, the GT comes standard with the exhilarating launch control feature, further enhancing its performance capabilities.

Nestled within the heart of this GT lies a potent 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine, producing an impressive 647 horsepower. This formidable powerplant is seamlessly paired with a specially designed 7-speed Getrag dual-clutch gearbox, ensuring swift and precise gear shifts. With this dynamic combination, the GT can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in a mere 2.9 seconds, and its exhilarating performance doesn’t stop there. The GT unleashes its full potential as it surges to a top speed exceeding 217 mph, pushing the boundaries of speed and excitement.

Complementing the GT’s exceptional performance is its purposeful stance, riding on a set of staggered 20-inch gloss carbon-fiber wheels. These wheels are wrapped in high-performance Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, with a front size of 245/35 and a rear size of 325/30. Providing the necessary stopping power are red Brembo 6-piston monoblock calipers, gripping onto massive 15.5-inch carbon-ceramic discs up front. At the rear, 4-piston calipers are mounted over 14.1-inch rotors. This robust braking system ensures precise control and efficient deceleration, contributing to the GT’s performance capabilities.

The GT’s interior exudes a captivating blend of carbon fiber and Alcantara, creating a sophisticated ambiance. Sparco carbon-fiber seats, upholstered in black Alcantara with silver stitching, add a touch of elegance. The presence of exposed carbon-fiber accents on the door sills, dashboard, center console and seat backs further enhances the interior’s sporty allure. The driver’s seat, fixed in position, is accompanied by an adjustable pedal box and steering column, ensuring optimal comfort and control. Noteworthy amenities include air conditioning for a pleasant driving experience and an infotainment system equipped with a touchscreen for convenient access to various functionalities. The lightweight Alcantara-wrapped multi-function steering wheel showcases paddle shifters, while the digital instrument panel is equipped with multiple information settings, providing the driver with a comprehensive and engaging driving interface.

This Ford GT has been owned by a single individual and at the time of writing has accumulated only 3,215 miles on the odometer. The sale of this exceptional vehicle includes various accompanying items, such as the original Window Sticker, factory books, shipping documents, build photos, promotional materials and a battery tender, as well as indoor and outdoor car covers.

The GT was meticulously designed to deliver an unparalleled supercar driving experience, and the Lightweight Package enhances that experience while still providing day-to-day practicality. As this striking GT takes center stage at the 2023 Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas Auction, its illustrious racing heritage could become a cherished part of your own automotive journey. Register to bid today.