Playforever: the Car Models You Didn’t Know You Needed

Credit: Original article published by Classic Cars Journal.

Car guys and gals like to have replicas of their favorite vehicles. Sometimes it turns into a hobby of its own for some. 1:18 scale seems to be a popular choice, though there is a whole subtle world of 1:43 white metal with which many may not be familiar. If you are one of those folks who has this addiction, then we have to make you aware of a brand that your significant other is not gonna be happy with: Playforever.

Playforever is not a new brand, but it’s recently made its mark in the United States via a region-specific website. The models are not authentic in the way your collection possibly may be, but all Playforever models have a je ne sais quoi that invokes child-like wonderment thanks to a nice grasp of the retro and the modern while not being primarily retro-modern.

There is something familiar yet new about many of the models, with the Leadbelly in particular being a clean-slate design that make you think of the classics that you love (in this case, there is a certain 1968-70 Charger-esque quality without looking like a Charger).

According to the brand’s bio, the inspiration came from the founder’s experience hunting supercars tucked-away in underground garages in the UK while an 11 -year-old bloke on a velocipede. That inspired him to create a collection of timeless heirloom toys, “a collection that would delight and captivate generations to come, children and grown-ups alike.”

Drawing inspiration from iconic vehicles (including planes) from the 1920-1960s, Playforever creates “an eclectic mix of art, fashion, traditional design and modernism,” which may be a perfect way to say what I was trying to articulate above. And, perusing the images above and below, you can see Playforever has hit the mark with a bullet. Child-friendly paint finishes and soft-roll rubber wheels are a part of every Playforever vehicle. However, they look so exquisite, I wouldn’t be inclined to gift one to my kid until he officially was an adult. I wonder if their current demographics bear this out?

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