Drive the Bid Podcast: Collectible Cars for $10,000

Credit: Original article published by Classic Cars Journal.

What are some classic cars that can be bought for $10,000?

That, and the meaning of life, can be found in the second episode of Drive the Bid. Derek Shiekhi, “Jalopy Jeff” Sutton and I spent the better part of an hour discussing several ideas for affordable classics. Some may be on your radar, while others may be surprises. All range from the 1960s to recent decades, with the younger folks leaning towards cars with fuel injection. With nine ideas discussed, why not pick one from your enthusiast mind and then watch the below video whether you scored?

Other discussions include several new car announcements — some exciting, others ho-hum, though admittedly all news is exciting — and AutoHunter auction picks. Mine was a remarkable 1960 Lotus 18 Formula Junior.

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