Porsche Taycan Arcade — No Quarters Required

Credit: Original article published by Classic Cars Journal.

If you’re a gamer and/or a fan of retro, you may appreciate Atari’s collaboration with Porsche Cars Australia. Taycan Arcade is an interactive, web-based game inspired by everyone’s favorite original video game: Pong!

The backstory: The year is 2023, and after 50 years of Pong, Porsche unleashes an all-new electric machine with an electrified soul. It combines dynamic performance engineering with the heart of a Porsche …

Whether you prefer keyboard or mobile device (read: cell phone), the strategy is to move your Taycan up and down to deflect the ball (really, a “high-tech drone”) from crossing your threshold while trying to get it to cross your opponent’s.

(Porsche North America photo)

Of course, the Porsche Taycan “combines electric performance, with the soul of a Porsche – completely redefining the electric sports car segment.”

To play Taycan Arcade, visit www.taycanarcade.com.au.