Ford Teases Electrified 2025 Mustang Shelby GT350 and Shelby-E

Credit: Original article published by Classic Cars Journal.

With the 2024 Ford Mustang ready to debut this summer, the only question enthusiasts have is, “What does Ford have up its sleeve?” Currently, Ford only has the EcoBoost, GT and Dark Horse planned, but we know there’s gotta be a Mach I or Boss 302 planned for the second model year. So, enthusiasts can rejoice because Ford has just teased us with a bit of what’s in store for 2025: the Mustang Shelby GT350 as well as a Shelby variant of the Mach-E EV called the Mustang Shelby-E.

In another era, Ford and other manufacturers used to introduce all Mustang models at once but, today, things are different — Ford introduces models in a staggered manner. It is painful to deal with as an enthusiast, but it helps extend the PR for Ford.

So, the big news is that the 2025 Mustang Shelby GT350 will be the first “real” Mustang to be electrified. The engine will be similar to the 5.0-liter V8 that will power the 2024 GT, but the engine will again be another breed thanks to the flat plane crankshaft that is making a return. The previous Mustang Shelby GT350 offered 526 horsepower, and we expect the new GT350 to offer another 75 or so horses. In addition, a front-mounted electric motor will power both front wheels and will add approximately 100 horsepower. Altogether, the hybrid setup will make 700 horses. Not bad for a secretary’s car! Unfortunately for the “save the manuals” gang, the only transmission will be a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic that’s similar to the one used on the outgoing Mustang Shelby GT500. No word on the size of the battery or the added weight of upcoming vehicle.

The current 2024 roster. (Image courtesy of Ford Motor Company)

Also new will be the very first 2025 Mustang Shelby-E. We have absolutely no information on this vehicle other than this new Shelby variant will have four electric motors. We anticipate that, to the collective groan of SUV haters everywhere, performance may be better than that of the 2025 Mustang Shelby GT350.

Yes, it may be a bitter pill to swallow for some, but a hybrid GT350 and a Shelby variant of an EV SUV is how Ford is bringing us greater and more flexible performance than we ever imagined. As purists, we at the Journal have a “wait and see” attitude, so let’s reserve judgment as more information trickles in throughout the year.

But it’s certainly a good time to be an enthusiast into horsepower. #aprilfools