Now You Can Build Your 2024 Mustang

Credit: Original article published by Classic Cars Journal.

If you’re anticipating Ford’s release of the 2024 Mustang, you now can configure your dream Mustang … well, somewhat. While the options are listed, any appearance items won’t currently show on Ford’s website, but that too will come with time.

Nonetheless, with plenty of options to make it unique, the Mustang continues to give enthusiasts freedom of choice in an automotive world that seems to lack choice. The difficulty in spec’ing a Mustang comes with options and packages that are not congruent with each other, so you will have to make some difficult choices. Here’s a quick list of the more enthusiast-leaning performance and appearance options available for your future Mustang.

The Mustang Nite Pony Package is available for both EcoBoost and GT models, both base and Premium trim levels. The package consists of:

  • 19 x 8.5-inch Ebony Black-painted aluminum wheels
  • 255/40R19 W-rated tires (included with the GT Performance Package, below)
  • Black GT, 5.0 and Pony badges
  • Black mirror caps
  • Painted black roof (except when ordered with Shadow Black paint or a convertible)
  • Headlamps with black bezels
  • Shadow Black-painted blade decklid spoiler

The Bronze Appearance Package is restricted to Mustang EcoBoost Premium High 201A and GT Premium models. It consists of:

  • Sinister Bronze-painted aluminum wheels (19 x 9/19 x 9.5-inch)
  • 255/40R19W tires
  • Special Edition badges

The above two appearance packages cannot be ordered in conjunction with each other, nor with other options or packages that include other wheels and tires. This is also true of the available stripes.

For fans who want to upgrade their Mustangs to another performance level, there are several packages available. For both EcoBoost models, the 2.3L High Performance Package includes:

  • 3.55 Torsen limited-slip rear axle
  • 19 x 9-inch Carbonized Gray-painted aluminum wheels
  • 255/40 ZR19 summer-only tires
  • Black-painted strut-tower brace
  • Black seat belts (for cars equipped with 200A EcoBoost 200A Equipment Group)
  • Carbon Black grille
  • Electric hand-operated parking brake
  • Front towing hooks
  • Heavy-duty front springs
  • 19-inch Brembo brake system with performance linings and black with white logo brake calipers
  • Leather-wrapped steering wheel — four-piece with chrome bezel (included with 200A EcoBoost Premium Equipment Group)
  • Paddle shifters
  • Body-color raised wedge decklid spoiler (not available on convertible)
  • Spoiler-delete (convertible)
  • Unique chassis-tuning, EPAS, ABS and stability control tuning
  • Upsized rear sway bar

This package is not available with either of the appearance packages or stripe options, or with other wheel choices.

The Mustang GT has its own version of the above package. Called the GT Performance Package, it is available on both the GT and GT Premium and consists of the following:

  • Carbonized Gray-painted aluminum wheels (19 x 9/19 x 9.5-inch)
  • 19-inch Brembo Brake System with performance linings and black (with white logo) brake calipers
  • Electric hand-operated parking brake
  • Front tow hooks
  • Ebony Black-painted grille
  • Heavy-duty front springs
  • K-brace
  • Body-color performance raised rear wing (not available on convertible, though available as a stand-alone option)
  • Black-painted strut-tower brace
  • Torsen differential, 3.73 gears with manual, 3.55 gears with automatic
  • Unique chassis tuning, stability control, EPAS and ABS tuning
  • Upside rear sway bar

This package also features several restrictions with other wheels available for the Mustang.

As the Dark Horse includes some of the above features, there is no performance package for this top model. However, the Dark Horse Handling Package adds the below bits:

  • 19 x 10.5/19 x 11-inch Tarnished Dark-painted aluminum wheels
  • 305/30R19 and 315/30R19 tires
  • Adjustable strut top mounts
  • Front towing hooks
  • Magnetic damping system (optional for other Mustangs)
  • Shadow Black performance rear spoiler with Gurney flap
  • Revised chassis tuning

Want even more performance? The Active Valve Performance Exhaust is available for all Mustang models, from Mustang EcoBoost to GT Premium; it is included on Dark Horse models. For GTs, it includes a quad chrome tailpipe, while Dark Horses receive a black extension.

Periodically visit Ford’s website to keep abreast of updates when the Mustang page is fully functioning.