Bugatti Eyewear Collection Suggests You’re Less Worthy

Credit: Original article published by Classic Cars Journal.

Y’know that obscenely overpriced hypercar named Bugatti? The one that never has cost any less than $1.7 million? Well, now the brand offers sunglasses from Bugatti’s obscenely overpriced eyewear collection.

In case you didn’t know, some people have more valuable souls. While they may appear to be buried the same way you will, their soil is richer and has no creepy worms and insects. These folks are the target market for Bugatti Brand Lifestyle’s new eyewear collaboration with Larry Sands. Who’s Larry Sands? An optical fashion trendsetter and entrepreneur who possibly may not be able to afford Bugatti’s $20,000 oil changes, but we’re not his accountant so we dunno.

“When I got the call from Bugatti, I was a little surprised, but to be approached by the world’s most powerful and luxurious auto manufacturer, to create their eyewear, was an honor,” says Sands. “Everything I do is unexpected, and Bugatti Eyewear is some of my most unexpected work yet. Expectation is the enemy of creativity.”

Two years later, Sands and Bugatti’s “creative synthesis” has created Collection One, eyewear that “harnesses the alchemy that can be brought to the fore when two pioneering visionaries work together.” The collection retails from $1,295 to $15,000.

Each piece is manufactured in Japan from solid 925 sterling silver trim with genuine 18-karat gold and palladium. Is it any surprise these are among the most expensive materials in the world? To preserve the finish, a process known as Process Vapor Disposition vaporizes solids into a substance that is then deposited onto the surface of the glasses. What will the über-wealthy think of next?

Like on real Bugattis, carbon fiber and Macassar ebony adorn the specs. And if you’re unsure of your place in life, you can be sure that when you see a man or woman wearing glasses with that red enamel macaron on the bridge, you’ll realize that you’re cut from a lesser cloth. Considering only 37 pieces will be made, the opportunity to subject yourself to this indignity is minimal at best.

“The decision to partner with such an auspicious, revered and experienced artist as Larry Sands is testament to our shared design ideals and vision for outstanding quality to achieve truly iconic products,” adds Wiebke Ståhl, Managing Director of Bugatti International. “Creating this new luxury eyewear is also key to our portfolio as it closes a strategic gap in Bugattis diversified brand lifestyle collection; I couldn’t be more excited to finally launch our new Bugatti Eyewear!”

Showcased for the first time this past weekend in Milan, you’ll find Bugatti Brand Lifestyle’s Collection One in highly exclusive boutiques where customers have to be buzzed in.