DO IT FOR THE ’GRAM: Best Places to Take a Selfie at Barrett-Jackson

Credit: Original article published by Barrett-Jackson.

Instagram and the internet have certainly changed the way we chronicle our lives – we all know the saying: “Pics or it didn’t happen!” – and what better way to share the fun things you are doing than to post those pics on social media. As we gear up for the 2023 Scottsdale Auction, we have put together a list of the very best places to snap a selfie while you are at the auction so you can spend more time enjoying all there is to see and do and less time looking for that picture-perfect spot.

  1. BJAC Letters – The display of giant red BJAC letters is one of the most Instagrammable spots at the auction site. Fun fact: The letters stand for Barrett-Jackson Auction Company, not an abbreviation of Barrett-Jackson. They will be conveniently located right at the entrance – after you get through security, but before you enter the tents. Be sure to share the fun fact and use #BJAC to get all the likes.
  1. Automobilia Display – Neon attracts the human eye with an allure that few other forms of light can command, and the automobilia display, adjacent to the auction arena, will have some gorgeous neon signage. Snap a photo next to your favorite brand or stand with them all in the background – either way the glow from the lights is sure to give your selfie a moody vibe with an extra-special background glow your followers won’t be able to look away from.
  1. Auction Arena – The auction arena is without a doubt the most iconic spot to snap a selfie. After all, it’s always on TV and is the main attraction. Nothing says “I was at Barrett-Jackson” better than a photo with the world-famous auction block in the background. To get the best photo, stand at the back of the room so you can get the block and the enormous American flag hanging over it in the frame.
  1. South Showcase – If custom cars are your jam, then snapping a selfie in the South Showcase is an absolute must. Starting on Sunday, January 22, all 50 vehicles selected to compete for the coveted Barrett-Jackson Cup will be on display in the South Showcase throughout the event. The space provides lots of dynamic options for a selfie, as cars will be on both the lower and upper levels.
  1. Pre-Staging Lanes – The pre-staging lanes offer an excellent opportunity for video selfies, as this is the best spot to see – and hear – the auction cars drive by as they make their way toward the staging lanes and get ready to cross the block. The best part is you don’t need special credentials to get up close to the cars in this area. The pre-staging lanes also offer a great opportunity to get the enormous tents in the background for some truly impressive selfies.
  1. Barrett-Jackson Performance Track – If you have a need for speed, the Barrett-Jackson Performance Track is the ideal place to take a selfie. Standing at the top of the stairs near the track will allow you to capture an overview of the entire area. You can also sign up for a ride and snap a few action photos or a video selfie while in the passenger seat of a high-performance car as a professional driver rips you around the track.
  1. Next to Your Favorite Car – One of the best places to take a selfie is next to your favorite car. It could be a dream car, or something you have only ever seen photos of and now get to stand next to in real life. Either way, it’s worth capturing that special once-in-a-lifetime moment because you may never get to see that car again!

And when you’re ready to post, use #BJAC, #BJACSuperFan or @Barrett_Jackson for the chance to have your photo shared by Barrett-Jackson.