MIDNIGHT RIDER: Record-Holding Peterbilt-Powered Limousine Ready for Auction

Credit: Original article published by Barrett-Jackson.

Written by Nicole Ellan James

By definition, a limousine, or limo for short, is a large, chauffeur-driven luxury vehicle with a partition between the driver compartment and the passenger compartment. Often images of stretched Hummers or lengthy sedans will come to mind, but Barrett-Jackson has something more unique to offer bidders this year during the 2023 Scottsdale Auction.

Let us introduce you to “Midnight Rider”: a tractor-trailer limousine inspired by the Pullman railroad car used by President Ulysses S. Grant. The limo consists of a 22-wheel rig attached to a matching 435 horsepower Cummins-powered 1987 Peterbilt 379 semi truck. It was officially recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2004 as the world’s heaviest and largest limousine – a record it still holds to this day.

“Midnight Rider” was created by Pamela and Michael Machado of Midnight Rider Inc. from California, who wanted to build a limousine unlike any other in the world; one that would help guests relive the glory days of luxury railroad transportation. They set out to build a limousine that would embody the styling of that era, which meant they did not use plastics, composites, veneers, imitations, powder-coatings or staples on any of the interior furnishes ‒ only authentic fabrics, polished brass railings and fixtures, and solid birch wood. The result is a sharp contrast to the exterior and explains its record-holding 50,560 pounds (just over 25 tons).

According to the consignor, “Midnight Rider” was built in-house by a team of five people who assembled 90-percent of the vehicle, which is set to cross the block January 21-29 at WestWorld with No Reserve. The consignor noted that it was put together in phases over 7 years, and most of the process was trial and error, as the team submitted the rig to various agencies for clearance. Upon its completion in 2003, the vehicle cost was $2.5 million.

Inside the trailer part of this limo are four entertainment areas: three lounges and a full-size bar. There’s the Pullman Lounge, the Observation Lounge, the Fifth Wheel Lounge and the Jake Brake Bar, each with a sound system and flatscreen TV. An interior phone system allows guests from the three lounges to call down to the bar and order drinks to be brought up to them. The footprint of this massive limo is 416 square feet across the four areas, separated by stairs. It measures 70 feet long and 13 feet 8 inches high. To put that into perspective, this limo can carry up to 40 passengers comfortably.

As if the size and weight of “Midnight Rider” wasn’t impressive enough, what takes this rig over the top is that it can do 90 mph on flat surfaces and 40 mph on 6-percent inclines. It can also travel from San Diego to Chicago without having to stop to refuel, thanks to its 300-gallon fuel tank capacity.

This record-holding set represents an era of bygone travel with finishes and craftsmanship not seen in today’s modern transport. The limousine certainly commands attention wherever it goes, record holder or not.

Register to bid today for a chance to drive home “Midnight Rider” – a limousine unlike any other.