ELECTRO-MOD: High-Voltage Technology Meets Classic Cadillac Styling

Credit: Original article published by Barrett-Jackson.

Written by Nicole Ellan James

Gas prices may have come down, but electric vehicles remain hot. If you find yourself wanting to get into this segment of vehicles but are unable to find something that meets your style, keep reading. Barrett-Jackson understands and offers cars with classic looks yet with the latest technology under the hood. This 1963 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz custom convertible Electro-Mod (Lot #1441) offered with No Reserve during the 2023 Scottsdale Barrett-Jackson Auction, January 21-29 at WestWorld certainly fits the bill.

This custom Electro-Mod was developed in partnership with Ingenex Engineers from Trois Rivières, Quebec. The builders used a lot of Tesla technology, specifically from the Model 3. Everything from the rear motor and the 75 kw/r battery to its electronic controls and its rapid-charging capacity with a Tesla-style charge port come from the Model 3 and were kept for convenience. As if the Cadillac wasn’t unique enough, it features a redesigned battery pack that was made to fit in its original front engine compartment, since one of the main goals of this build was to respect its overall classic design.

To maintain the originality of the chassis, the builder made a few adjustments – one of which was to improve the welding so the car was strong and capable of holding all this new technology. Some reinforcing bars were bolted in, and the result is a well-balanced and strong structure that offers a very smooth ride – much like what only a Cadillac can offer.

To further enhance ride quality, this Cadillac received 4-wheel disc brakes, while the front and rear independent suspension were thoughtfully chosen and calibrated to offer drivers and passengers maximum stability and comfort. It also received modernized power steering, which also contributes to enhancing the driving experience.

Of course, it’s only fitting this Electro-Mod would feature some flashy paint. As such, it has been finished in American Electric Blue. The paint is complemented by 20-inch wheels and a white and gray interior created by well-known car designer Carl Andre Giroux, with an intent to respect the original design but also ensure an enhanced modern electric experience.

In that same vein, Giroux designed an original center console that borrows influence from today’s modern cars. The state-of-the-art console integrates a retractable screen that displays all the necessary information needed for electric driving conditions, such as autonomy, energy consumption, fast or regular charging and more.

Other interior highlights include an instrument cluster from Dakota Digital and an audio system designed and installed by Blam Audio that includes Helix speakers, a 12-inch subwoofer, RetroSound head unit, Helix processor and amplification.

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