Bentley bees making honey

Credit: Original article published by Classic Cars Journal.

Bentley making honey sounds like some convoluted allegory, but the luxury car manufacturer’s very own ‘Flying Bees’ have produced an estimated 1,000 jars of sweet nectar this year. As part of Bentley’s #GOTOZERO sustainable energy initiative a colony of 120,000 bees took residency at the Excellence Centre for Honey Production in 2019, and the bee population has risen to 600,000 across ten beehives at the British luxury car manufacturer’s headquarters.

Bentley’s Excellence Centre for Honey Production

“Next year, we are celebrating five years of carbon neutrality for our site in Crewe, and biodiversity plays a part in this success,” said Peter Bosch, Bentley’s Board Member for Manufacturing. “While we celebrate this, we don’t rest on our laurels and constantly strive for new initiatives to improve our environmental impact even further, to ensure our site and end-to-end business operations reflect our ambitions to become the leader in sustainable luxury mobility.”

The Excellence Centre for Honey Production is one of many sustainability initiatives at Bentley. At the factory grounds a seed bombing endeavor saw more than 5,000 bulbs of daffodils take root and one hundred trees were planted throughout the campus.

“Not only are these amazingly hard workers contributing to our local biodiversity, in my opinion, they are also the producers of some of the finest quality honey in the world,” said Peter Bosch, Bentley’s Board Member for Manufacturing.

Bentley honey is not available at your local Trader Joe’s, or anywhere for that matter. The honey will be offered to guests at the Bentley headquarters in Crewe. Don’t fret. You still have a cologne option for the Bentley fanatic in your life.