Do you want to smell like a Bentley?

Credit: Original article published by Classic Cars Journal.

If you’ve aspired to smell like a British luxury car but have found your options lacking, may I recommend Bentley Momentum Unbreakable Eau de Parfum? Yes, Bentley Fragrances is offering a cologne with a “new woody, floral and spicy scent” and, in the process, Christmas shopping has gotten a bit easier.

The scent, developed by perfumers Fabrice Pellegrin and Ane Ayo, introduces Dreamwood to the fragrance world. Dreamwood™ is obtained with carbon-neutral biotechnology, with the 100 percent natural ingredient replaces Mysore sandalwood. Patchouli is also on the list of ingredients — honestly, I thought a cologne by an automotive manufacturer would lean towards a new-car smell and avoid containing patchouli. As a Northern California native, I have smelt my fair share of patchouli and I wouldn’t associate it with a luxury car.

Bentley Momentum Unbreakable

The lovely musk of Bentley Unbreakable is contained in a stone-plated bottle based on Bentley Motor’s stone veneer interior finish. Slate and quartzite stone comes from sustainably sourced quarries in Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh, India. The 100% natural stone plates make each bottle a one-of-one product. Bentley Momentum is £69.50 ($85.00) for a 100 ml bottle but is only available in the UK and Europe.

Bentley Momentum Unbreakable

Bentley maintains that its fragrance has “the same uncompromising standards as Bentley car” and “the fragrance expresses all the thrilling facets of a contemporary urban adventurer.” As I have often compromised many facets of my life and I would never consider myself an urban adventurer, I don’t think this is the musk for me. My preferred cologne is a formidable scent that stings the nostrils but 60% of the time it works every time.