Ram teases electric truck (video)

Credit: Original article published by Classic Cars Journal.

Ram is going to offer electric trucks and teased its 1500 Revolution battery-electric vehicle (BEV) concept with a brief YouTube video and a single picture with a veiled truck profile. A full unveiling is scheduled for the tech event CES 2023 in Las Vegas at the Venetian Palazzo Ballroom on January 5, 2023.

The Ram 1500 BEV will make its debut in 2024 and is part of the automotive manufacturer’s master plan to offer electrified solutions in most of its segments by 2025 and all its segments no later than 2030. Ram has high hopes for its 1500 Revolution BEV Concept and seems to view it as a catalyst for future automotive technology.

Loaded with exclusive advanced technology features and based on STLA Frame, the BEV-by-design body-on-frame architecture, the Ram Revolution BEV Concept is a visionary road map and a glimpse into the future, showing how the leading truck brand will once again redefine the pickup truck segment. – Ram Truck press release on December 1, 2023

Ram Trucks going electric is no shocker. Dodge has made a very public push to end production of the V8-powered Challenger and Charger after the 2023 model year. With both brands being under Stellantis, previously known as Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, a future without Mopar V8s is nigh and inevitably there will be pushback from some folks.

I’m an electric vehicle supporter and generally prefer lower emission vehicles. The future belongs to EVs, but it’s not going to happen tomorrow. Quite the opposite, as demonstrated by Ram Trucks and its personal mandate to offer electrified options in many segments by 2025. Without knowing the full details of the Ram Revolution BEV Concept, it’s too early to speculate on the viability of an electrified work truck, but I am intrigued on what Ram is offering in the not-so-distant future