Kevin Hart’s Macabre 1969 Road Runner

Credit: Original article published by Classic Cars Journal.

Say what you will about Kevin Hart, but he’s got great taste in cars. Purists may cringe, but here you have an enthusiast with means who enjoys a mix of past style with present drivability. What’s his current car in the spotlight? A 1969 Plymouth Road Runner.

Designed by Sean Smith and built by Salvaggio Designs, this Mopar was built around the theme of Mike Myers … no, this isn’t Austin Powers’ ride but, rather, inspired by the hockey-masked menace that appears in the “Halloween” movie franchise. Of course, this ride is murdered out in black, though complemented in orange throughout like the colors of Halloween. Even the Road Runner character is masked and carries a knife. Warner Brothers, if you know what’s good for ya, you best not look!

So what’s powering this killer machine? A 940-horsepower, supercharged Demon/Hellephant hybrid Hemi that’s paired to a TREMEC six-speed manual. Details abound, from the orange engine to liberal-yet-creative use of carbon fiber. If you dare, check out the video where Sean Smith tells ClassicCars TV’s Jalopy Jeff the genesis of this macabre Mopar and a host of its horrific features.