Nissan Introduces the Z GT4

Credit: Original article published by Classic Cars Journal.

Nissan and Nissan Motorsports & Customizing Co., Ltd. (NMC) have revealed the new GT4 racer based on the all-new Nissan Z.

“Motorsports for Nissan is an expression of our passion and unrivaled expertise. The Nissan Z continues to maintain its position as an exciting sports car that fascinates drivers with its driving dynamics and flexible powertrain,” says Ashwani Gupta, Nissan’s COO. “We are confident that this track-ready GT4-category Nissan Z will be ready to write another chapter in the Nissan Z’s 50-plus-year legacy of speed.”

2023 Nissan Z GT4 (Image courtesy of Nissan)

So, if you’re not into racing and need some educating, GT4 is more of a street car class adapted for competition by manufacturers, although the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile may approve team-built cars. However, all cars are regulated to have performance levels as close as possible to each other, and they also use the same tires.

Though not a production NIMSO vehicle, Nissan used NMC’s NIMSO Racing Division to prep the Z for the track by honing the vehicle’s chassis, suspension, aerodynamics and engine. Nissan says that this “created a race car that is a Nissan Z in all aspects – accessible to enthusiast drivers and hard-core professionals.” In fact, the folks at Motor Trend feel the GT4 may give hints as to what we can expect the road-going 2023 Nissan Z NIMSO model to be like.

2023 Nissan Z GT4 (Image courtesy of Nissan)
2023 Nissan Z GT4 (Image courtesy of Nissan)

The full effect of the modifications, including complete vehicle specifications, can be seen in the flesh for the first time at the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Show in Las Vegas early in November 2022. If your interest is piqued by having a GT4 Z race car, Nissan says the car will be ready for delivery in the first half of 2023.