The dynamic debut of the Huracán Tecnica

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The Lamborghini Huracán Tecnica has been officially unveiled a while ago, but not during a press conference, but more as a virtual release, after that this brand new V10 was taken to New York to be shown to VIP clients and journalists at the Lounge on April 12 2022, only to continue to the IAS, the International Auto Show in New York, but after that show concluded on April 24 it got a little quiet about this new V10 model that sits in between the ‘classic’ Huracán EVO RWD and the track-inspired Huracán STO, until June 2022 when the Huracán Tecnica made another public debut, this time in Europe, more specifically the 2022 MIMO, or the Milano Monza Motor Show in Italy, held between June 16 and 19.

Automobili Lamborghini SpA decided to put together three ‘invitation-only’ events in Europe to put their new Huracán Tecnica in front of clients, enthusiasts, and people from the press, about 750 people were allowed to get face to face with the Tecnica in either Milan, Berlin, or London, during which you could put in an order for this amazing version of the by now legendary Huracán V10, production is set to start anytime soon, probably after the Summer holiday break in August, but first deliveries are only foreseen for 2023.

And just in case just seeing the Huracán Tecnica standing still on a podium didn’t convince you about signing that order form, Lamborghini now took it one notch higher towards the end of June, when they took multiple units of this V10 to Valencia in Spain, where the car could effectively be driven, both on the open road, and on the race track, and this was a perfect opportunity to showcase the three characteristics of this latest incarnation, as an easy to drive, everyday sportscar, or secondly as a more sporty fun to drive car, and lastly as a real track-day high-performance car.

These three ‘modes’ of driving are the result of taking the best from the Huracán STO, her engine and track prowess, and putting it into a rear-wheel-drive car, complete with rear-wheel steering that also weighs about 10 kgs less, has 30 hp more, comes with improved aerodynamics with a rear downforce increase of no less than 35% and a 20% reduction in drag when compared to the original Huracán EVO RWD model. Add Direct steering and torque vectoring, a modified Performance Traction Control system, Bridgestone tires, Potenza Sport on-road and Potenza Race on track, and a specific dynamic set-up makes the Huracan Tecnica a sporty, fun-to-drive car: the new HMI adds to functions such as satnav, car-finder and status report with integrated Amazon Alexa, telemetry, onboard diary and What3Words functionality for the best of all worlds, every day.

Naturally, a dynamic debut comes with a plethora of images of the different shades Lamborghini brought to Valencia for the invitees to enjoy, so let’s enjoy our extensive image gallery below:

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