Is Audi Considering Building a Pickup Truck?

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Premium pickup trucks are becoming more and more common, with even some genuinely premium brands in the mix. Even more so now that electric pickup trucks are becoming more and more common, with brands like Ford, GM, and even Rivian in the mix. But does it make sense for Audi to build one? Maybe not but it’s certainly something the brand is looking into.


Before you spit out your schnitzel, an Audi pickup is still highly unlikely. However, it’s not something the four-ringed brand has completely dismissed.


When asked about a potential Audi pickup during a recent interview, Audi CEO Markus Duesmann said “I can’t promise that we will do one, but we are looking into it.”


The fact that he actually confirmed Audi is looking into it is news enough. It’s still unlikely but, surprisingly, it’s also still possible. Interestingly, he followed up by saying “Actually, we will present – not too far from now – maybe something”, teasing a potentially rugged car.


Considering Audi is moving its entire portfolio over to electric vehicles over the next decade, whatever sort of rugged vehicle Duesmann is hinting at will likely be electric. And if Audi is going to present an all-electric, rugged car, could it be that Audi is actually going to build an Audi AI:TRAIL?


The Audi AI:TRAIL is an incredibly far-out, all-electric, off-road concept with Level 4 autonomy, and a drone on the roof that flies ahead and illuminates the road for you. It’s insane. So it’s not getting built. However, could Audi be working on a rugged, almost pickup-like electric production car using the AI: TRAIL as inspiration?

It might seem crazy to think of Audi building a rugged vehicle when you look at its current status in the market. Audi currently makes some of the most premium, lavish, high-tech cars on the road and creates gorgeous, well-appointed interiors. However, Audi made its bones on the rally stage — in dirt, mud, and snow. Rugged, all-terrain driving is not only in its DNA, it’s what the DNA is made of.


I would be floored if Audi debuts something even remotely similar to the AI:TRAIL, even after hearing Duesmann’s comments. However, I will gladly eat as much crow as needed if such a thing does happen.


[Source: Autocar]



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