Audi Tradition App Now Offers Digital Exhibit “Der fünfte Ring“

Credit: Original article published by QuattroDaily.

As part of the Audi museum in Ingolstadt, Audi Tradition is launching a new exhibit to commemorate the history of Audi and the four brands that make up the iconic four rings. The exhibit is dubbed “Der fünfte Ring“ and, starting today, you can experience the exhibit digitally, with the new Audi Tradition app.


The Audi Tradition app acts as a virtual tour guide for the museum and the new “Der fünfte Ring“ exhibit is now part of it. It’s an incredibly simple app to use. Once you load it up, you can look at any of the exhibits on display, get a history lesson about each one, and then look at a photo gallery for each individual vehicle in each exhibit. In addition, each gallery contains some history about the vehicle. For any car history buff, this app is excellent and can occupy several hours.


This new “Der fünfte Ring“ exhibit is especially interesting because the cars seen in it aren’t just Audis. You can get an up close look, as well as a history lesson, on dozens of cars from the four brands that eventually combined to create the Audi brand we know today. Cars from NSU, DKW, Horch, and Auto Union can all be seen providing insight into the start of the Audi brand and where so many of its cars began.


However, if you want to learn about just Audis, you can find countless classic Audi models in the app, again with live photos from the museum and little history blurbs about each. The Audi Tradition app is a one-stop shop for all things Audi history and, for any fan of the brand, it’s a must-have on your phone. So the next time you’re chatting up your Audi enthusiast pals, you’ll have more knowledge than any of them.


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