KTM X-Bow GT2 Supercar Will Get an Audi RS3 Powertrain

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Most enthusiasts know KTM for its small, ultra-lightweight, stripped out sports cars, like the X-Bow that Jeremy Clarkson famously drove in the rain on Top Gear. More recently, the Austrian sports car brand built and sold some X-Bow GT4 customer racing cars, which were mildly successful. After that, KTM made a more powerful GT2 version.  Now, though, there’s going to be a road car version of the racing X-Bow and, like its race car siblings, it will be powered by an Audi RS3-sourced inline-five.


Some new photos have recently surfaced, showing off the upcoming KTM road-going supercar testing in public. From the look of it, it’s going to be very similar to the race car, with almost an identical styling and even aerodynamics.


In the KTM X-Bow race cars, the Audi-sourced turbocharged inline-five makes 600 horsepower and 531 lb-ft of torque, far more than the standard RS3’s. Will the road-going KTM make 600 horsepower? We’re not sure but it’s likely to make quite a bit more than the 401 horsepower that the Audi RS3 has. Though, it will likely get the same seven-speed “direct shift” transmission and limited-slip rear differential.


What makes the KTM so special is its weight. The X-Bow race car uses a carbon fiber monocoque chassis from Dallara. With that exact chassis, the KTM race car weighed only 2,300-ish lbs, which is a featherweight by today’s standards. So even if the road-going version doesn’t make 600 horsepower, it will still be plenty spicey. Especially when you consider the X-Bow from 2008, which melted Clarkson’s face, only had 300 horsepower. So if this new KTM supercar makes nearly double that, it’s going to be absolutely insane.


It’s also just cool to think that a bespoke, carbon-tubbed supercar with an Audi five-cylinder engine will be a real thing. It sounds too good to be true but, judging by some new photos, it’s not.


[Source: Jalopnik]

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