VIDEO: Watch a Daily Drive Audi RS6 Avant Get Detailed

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The Audi RS6 Avant is not meant to be a garage queen. Despite its six-figure price tag, the RS6 is meant to be used as a daily driver, hence the wagon body style. The whole point of the RS6 Avant is that it’s supposed to be a do-it-all, everyday vehicle; it’s fast, it’s fun, its practical, it’s comfortable, and good looking. Aside from towing and genuine off-roading, things it’s not meant to do, there’s nothing the Audi RS6 does poorly. However, daily use can take a toll on your RS6’s paint and interior. So this one owner drove their car from Delaware to AMMO NYC for a proper detailing.


If you want to detail an expensive performance car, AMMO NYC really is the best. The level of detail they go into and their in-house products are outstanding and the results of this Audi RS6 Avant prove it.


This Audi RS6 Avant was purchased in Delaware and drive to AMMO, so it could get a detail before it goes off to its new home. For the drive up to New York, it was given a TrakkTape, to keep the paint safe from rock chips on the long highway drive, as the paint didn’t have any sort of protection from the factory. That wrap, though, actually caused some minor surface scratches, as you’ll see in this video.


The owner also had AMMO clean up the stock wheels and put them in storage bags for winter. Replacing them were matte black BBS winter wheels (I guess if you can afford an RS6, you can afford BBS winter wheels), which were also cleaned prior to installation. Incredibly, the coating AMMO put on the BBS wheels is pretty amazing, as water and debris slides right off of them now. So they’ll stay nice and clean through the winter.


I don’t know what it is about watching great cars get detailed that’s so relaxing but it is and this video is one of the better ones. The Audi RS6 Avant is such a gorgeous car that watching it get a proper cleaning is incredibly satisfying.


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