VIDEO: This One-of-One Audi RS Q8 in Austin Yellow is Awesome

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Performance SUVs are — in the immortal words of Austin Powers — not my bag, baby. However, if I had to had one, the Audi RS Q8 would be on the short list of SUVs to have (Aston Martin DBX would be first because look at it). Not only is it bonkers quick for something of its size but it sounds great, looks great, and strikes one heckuva compromise between handling and comfort. It’s also one of the most tunable SUVs on the market, as evidenced by this very special RS Q8 in Auditography’s latest video.


In this video, we get to see the Audi RS Q8 Qatar edition, a one-of-one vehicle made especially for one wealthy owner in — you guessed it — Qatar. This special RS Q8 was painted in an Audi Exclusive Austin Yellow paint. Admittedly, calling it an Audi Exclusive color is a bit of a misnomer, considering that Austin Yellow is a BMW color, both in its shade of yellow and its name. Nevertheless, it’s a great looking color that really suits the car well.

Photo — Auditography


This car also sports a State 2 tune from ABT Sportsline, an Akrapovic exhaust, and new downpipes to total a whopping 740 horsepower and 679 lb-ft of torque. According to this video, the Qatar Edition Audi RS Q8 can hit 62 mph in 3.0 seconds flat, which is shockingly fast for an SUV.


With that Akrapovic exhaust, that monster V8 now makes an even better sound than it did when stock. So it’s not only fast but it’s also thrilling.


The combination of a killer new soundtrack, the incredible power and performance, and the fantastic color, this Audi RS Q8 Qatar Edition is one of the most desirable RS Q8s we’ve ever seen. Maybe even the most desirable. Unfortunately for jealous customers, there’s no other one like it in the world.


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