What will the cars of the future look like?

Credit: Original article published by Classic Cars Journal.

When you envision the car 50 years from now, what do you picture? Does it fly or travel underwater? Can it serve you fancy lattes while driving you to work? Or is it something more?

Leasing.com, the UK’s biggest car leasing comparison site, surveyed 100 car enthusiasts to learn what people are expecting from the cars of the future.

The biggest takeaway from the survey, according to Leasing.com, is that drivers focus on safety above comfort:

“Over half of the respondents prioritized safety, with 55% listing it as the most important feature in ‘tomorrow’s car.’ The measures include full internal cabin airbags as well as car-to-car communication to warn drivers of accidents or issues ahead, a system that is already in use, though in its infancy stage, with high-end models such as Teslas.”

Also in high demand are enhanced steering wheel functionalities like live data of vital signs and fingerprint car access – similar to the features we have on our smartphones.

“In terms of entertainment, 60% selected augmented reality screens and dashboards as the feature they would most like to see, while a coffee machine came second with more than a quarter (28%) of the vote,” the leasing site notes.

cars of the future coffee machine

Adding solar roofs to cars was also another popular choice, so as EVs become more prominent, they can be charged while on the move.

We want to hear your thoughts. What would you like to see in future cars in terms of safety, comfort and utility? Let us know in the comments.