Bridgestone unveils new generation of ultra-high-performance tires

Credit: Original article published by Classic Cars Journal.

Bridgestone has launched the newest generation of its ultra-high-performance Potenza Sport and Potenza RS980AS+ tires, which is says will “help enthusiast drivers unlock the full performance capabilities of their vehicles.”

The tire company says the Potenza Sport “delivers ultimate grip, enhanced cornering and improved dry braking” while the Potenza RE980AS+ “offers trusted traction and sporty handling in an assortment of driving conditions.”

The company also notes that Potenza Sport tires are standard equipment on the new Lamborghini Huracán STO and Maserati MC20.

Potenza Sport

“In reimagining our Potenza lineup, we set out to create two new ultimate performance contenders that would help enthusiast drivers get the most out of their car in a wide variety of weather and road conditions,” Mirella Cielo, president, Bridgestone America’s consumer replacement tire, is quoted in the announcement.

“The improvements we’ve made in dry, wet and even snow performance speak for themselves when you feel these tires on the road, and we can’t wait for drivers to experience the difference themselves.”

Bridgestone reports a 6 percent improvement in dry braking with the new Potenza Sport and 3 percent faster lap times compared to competitor tires on a wet track. It notes that the German magazine Auto Bild Sportscars used a Ford Mustang to test nine models of 20-inch high-performance summer tires and rated the new Potenza Sport No. 1. 

The company said that the European automotive testing firm TUV SUD “found the Potenza Sport achieved the best performance in dry braking as well as cornering and straight-line stability versus competitors in the premium segment.”

Potenza RE980AS+

Bridgestone said its new Potenza RE980AS+ “builds upon the success of the previous generation RE980AS to offer enhanced ride comfort, improved snow performance and better treadwear for uncompromised, year-round ultra-high performance.”

It notes that the tire incorporates soybean oil into its asymmetric tread compound.

The Bridgestone Potenza Sport comes in 65 sizes and the Potenza RE980AS+ in 53 sizes.