6 tips for displaying your classic at a local car show

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(Editors note: During the month of June, the ClassicCars.com Journal is publishing a series of stories about displaying your car at car shows and concours. Today, guest contributor Chris Kapa offers their suggestions for displaying your vehicle at a local show. If you have a story about showing your classic, please send it to us at journal@classiccars.com.)

The first car show in which I participated was in 1984, and I was hooked. I can say I have entered in over 100 car shows and I have all the plaques to prove it.

Since then, I have put on shows myself and had more than 200 cars show up at my latest event, which you can check out in the video below:

So, here are my views on how you should display your vehicle at car show:

  • I feel that opening the hood and opening the trunk (since I have been a judge myself) is getting brownie points. The more you show, the better the score. I even came across a BMW that had a waterfall coming out of his trunk. That car was truly amazing to me.
  • I love seeing how the car was built. A lot of people will display albums that they have created with step-by-step information about how they restored their vehicles. Every now and then I’ll see the factory build sheet, which is always very cool to see displayed with a car.
  • Time-capsule items are always fun to see displayed with a car.
  • I also have little versions of die-cast cars that look identical to mine displayed inside or around the car.
  • Stuffed animals are usually a big hit with children. They love to see the stuffed animal inside the car or around the car.
  • We’ve used a plexiglass display board at big indoor shows with all the information on who built the car, who painted the car, the engine size, etc. However, I’ve had one fall on my car and chipped the paint. I cried! 

Share your tips for showing your classic at a car show in the comments below.

-Chris Kapa

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