Pick of the Day: Another Opel, but fresh off the boat

Credit: Original article published by Classic Cars Journal.

A few days ago, the Pick of the Day was a customized 1969 Opel Kadett Model 91 being offered for sale by a dealer in Canton, Ohio. While searching through the various Opels available on the ClassicCars.com marketplace website, we found a trove of them. 

These Opels are offered by a dealer in the Netherlands that advertises quite a few vehicles on the ClassicCars.com website and delivers those vehicles to American buyers at the dealer’s facility in New Jersey.

It costs the buyer an extra $1,800 in shipping a vehicle across the ocean, and you also have to pay a 3 percent import duty, but you get a true Euro-spec vehicle direct from overseas.

As an example, the Pick of the Day for today is a 1952 Opel Olympia-Rekord, being offered for $24,150 (not including shipping or duty). The car has been restored and is coming out of a 20-year ownership run, we’re told.

“The previous owner of this Opel is a real classic car enthusiast who has owned the classic for no less than 20 years,” the dealer reports.“The car has been restored in the past and has been lovingly maintained ever since. The classic car has always been stored in a heated garage and has only been outside in good weather. 

“Last year, major technical maintenance was carried out. This Olympia was even used as a show model at an Opel dealer in the past.”

Opel introduced its Olympia model in 1935, on the eve of the Berlin Olympic Games. The car was the first mass-produced German automobile with an all-steel unibody architecture. Production ran until 1940 and resumed in 1947. 

The Olympia was updated in 1950 with improved front suspenion and a column rather than floor shifter. The 1500cc 4-cylinder engine was retained, offering around 40 horsepower and a top speed of around 70 mph.

The car on offer, a 2-door version, is one of the final original models with the traditional styling. From 1950-1953, the cars were produced in 2-door saloon, 2-door cabrio or 2-door station wagon versions. 

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