Handy-size spray detailer delivers pro results, Meguiar’s says

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So there you are, about to head out to meet your buddies at the local cruise-in, when you take a look at your precious vintage ride and… Yuck! 

Dirt, spots, haze, finger smudges.  You can’t show up looking like that.

Meguiar’s says it has a simple solution with Last Touch Spray Detailer, containing the same D155 detailing liquid used for years by professional detailers as a clay-bar lubricant and final wipe-down, but offered in a size and packaging for personal use.

“Now, this professional-grade detailer will be available in a conveniently pre-diluted formula that’s ready to use right out of the bottle,” Meguiar’s says in a news release.

“Last Touch Spray Detailer is the perfect solution for gently removing fresh surface contaminants like dust, smudges, fingerprints and other contaminants while quickly enhancing a vehicle’s gloss and protection. This versatile formula is safe and effective on paint, chrome, plastic and vinyl.”

While D155 detailing liquid has been available to pros in 1- and 5-gallon concentrate, the new personal size is ready to apply right from the container. The detailer spray is easy to use and can be the final step in a thorough detailing or used for a quick, water-free cleanup. 

“Whether professional detailer or detailing enthusiast, this all-new pre-diluted formula delivers pro-grade results without having to fuss with dilution ratios,” the news release notes.

For more information, visit the Meguiar’s website.

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