Pick of the Day: 1976 Mercedes-Benz 450SLC, an underappreciated classic

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Sometimes a car can be overlooked due to another, more-desirable model that is essentially similar, such as the Pick of the Day, a 1976 Mercedes-Benz 450 SLC.

During the 1970zs and ‘80s, the halo car for Mercedes was the two-seat SL convertible, so that its 2+2 coupe sibling, the SLC, got second billing, despite being more expensive and rarer. The SLC did not offer the top-down motoring experience, but it did have more interior room and a better ride due to its longer wheelbase.

As collector cars, the SL is a perennial favorite while the SLC remains an also-ran, a forgotten classic that deserves better.  

When new, the SLC received rave reviews and was considered by many motoring journalists to be the better car of the two. Mercedes would replace the SLC in 1983 with the larger and even more-luxurious SEC, but it was based not on the R107 roadster platform of the SL but on the S-Class sedan underpinnings. While these cars would sell better, they lacked the Old World elegance and charm of the SLC.


The Lake Zurich, Illinois, dealer advertising this SLC on ClassicCars.com describes it as a one- owner car in original condition. Finished in Astral Silver Metallic over a black-leather interior, this SLC looks to be in very nice driver-level condition. The photos with the ad show no discernable issues, with originality down to the Becker Mexico radio.

This 450 SLC comes with a complete service history, and has had no accidents or bodywork, the dealer says.  It was bought new In California in 1976 and was there until 1991, when it was transported to Chicago, where it was stored nine months per year to keep it out of the harsh Chicago weather, the seller says.  The sellers pegs the mileage at 100,000.


If this car is as nice as it seems, it would be perfect for crossing-country tours, taking to shows, or just driving for pleasure on the weekends. The asking price of only $8,500 is considerably lower than the cost of an SL in similar condition.

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