‘All in one box’ kit for bushing replacement offered by SuperPro

Credit: Original article published by Classic Cars Journal.

A safer and simpler tool for replacing worn suspension bushings is offered with the SuperPro Press Tool Kit, which the company says is a complete package for the project “all in one box.”

“The SuperPro Press Tool Kit is a specialized tool that provides a safe, effective and easy way to remove old bushes and install SuperPro bushings,” according to the product announcement. “This kit will also provide a safer option for other workshop pressing requirements.”

The contents of the kit are: 18 tubes, 4 stepped plates, 4 threaded rods with nuts and bearings, 4 spare bearings and an instruction sheet.

The threaded rods are in various sizes, complete with bearings, and the 18 press tubes come in 5mm increments to match common bush sizes. The press tubes are constructed from mild steel, the company says, so that they will crush instead of shattering if overloaded.  They can be easily machined if necessary, the company adds, and the parts can be reordered individually.

For more information, visit the SuperPro website.

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