Pick of the Day: 1957 Plymouth Savoy sedan that tells its own life story

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It’s not every day you come across a classified ad for a car that’s written by the car, entirely in the first-person. Yet here it is, a Plymouth Savoy listed for sale on ClassicCars.com that appears to be looking for adoption into its next home.  The copy reads more like a personals ad, if those are still a thing.

The Pick of the Day is a 1957 Plymouth Savoy, located in Patton, Pennsylvania, and listed by a private seller who lets the car do all the talking.   

“I am a ’57 Plymouth Savoy,” the ad reads.  “My life started in 1957 when I was sold to my first owner.” 


The 64-year-old sedan goes on to describe how it got to where it is today. As it turns out, that original owner was the seller’s Uncle Frank, the car says in the ad. 

The Savoy seems to have lived a pretty good life with the uncle until 1969, when “he bought a newer car and put me in storage. I stayed there until 1990 when he gave me to his nephew.”

The car tells how the nephew “decided to give me new life,” refurbishing it mechanically and cosmetically.


Savoy was a Plymouth model that existed for about a decade, debuting in 1954 as a mid-range model between the Plaza and the Belvedere, all three named after upscale hotels.  When the Plaza was dropped in 1959, the Savoy became the entry-level offering. 

No discussion around late 1950s Plymouths is complete without mention of the infamous 1958 Fury named Christine, who “herself” was an automobile personified with human traits, albeit evil, in the Stephen King novel and subsequent feature film. 

There are styling similarities between the famous movie car and this Savoy, including a chrome-laden, quad-headlight front end and the aggressively peaked tailfins.  One difference, though, is that the Savoy doesn’t appear to have a name, or at least not one that it mentions.  And it sounds benign rather than evil.

The mechanical work done to the Savoy appears comprehensive, starting off with an overhaul of the engine and transmission, as well as the installation of replacement shocks, brakes, fuel lines and fuel pump.  Cosmetically, the car got a makeover with replated bumpers, replacement badging and a custom blue paint job. 

Since that restoration work is now nearing 30 years old, the car again shows some age-related wear. 

“It has been a while now since I was restored, and I have some scratches and paint chips here and there,” the Savoy states in the ad.  “If you like old cars and want one to cruise, show, and take the kids or grandkids out in, I would be a perfect low-cost choice.”

The seller is asking $11,300 or best offer to adopt this friendly, one-family-owned Plymouth.

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