2022 F1 race cars available — as scale-model sculptures

Credit: Original article published by Classic Cars Journal.

In conjunction with the Formula 1 Group, British model makers at the Amalgam Collection, have unveiled the Formula 1 2022 concept sculpture, an aluminum-plated miniature version of what the F1 race cars will look like when they are revised for the 2022 racing season.

“With a complete reworking of the F1 regulations coming in 2022, the cars will look radically different, and this striking new look is captured in the 11cm (4in) long sculpture,” Amalgam Collection said in its announcement. 

The sculpture is based on CAD data provided by the Formula 1 Group with the final sculpture design by artist Remco de Reus. 

“Each 2022 Concept sculpture is hand cast, hand finished, primed, plated in aluminum and finally clear lacquered and polished,” the news release continues. “The sculpture comes with a booklet containing details of the rule changes and their impact on the car design, all enclosed in a beautiful presentation box.”

The F1 sculptures are the second for Amalgam, following a series of the 8 generations of the Chevrolet Corvette.

“We will create a growing number of miniature sculpture collections, that capture the essence of the most extreme and outstanding designs from the 1920s through to the present day,” said Amalgam founder Sandy Copeman.

“We’d like to create a collection that spans the decades of F1 since 1947 through to the present day, capturing the essence of the most significant cars throughout F1 history.”

The F1 2022 sculptures are priced at $189 and are available through the Amalgam Collection website. The Corvette models are $149 each or $998 for the complete set of 8.

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