Watching This Filthy Porsche Macan Get Detailed Is Extremely Therapeutic

Credit: Original article published by FLATSIXES News.

It is amazing just how filthy a Porsche can get in three years of use and abuse. This 2017 Macan GTS served its original owner in Detroit, Michigan quite well as an SUV doing SUV things. It didn’t lead the traditional pampered life of a Porsche, as it clearly was ridden hard and put away wet. Every component of this car needed a thorough detail, which is thankfully where Larry from AMMO NYC comes in. He purchased the car in this condition because it came at a steep discount, and he knew his particular set of skills could set it right.

It took him more than three days of scrubbing, spraying, agitating, and washing to get the car back to showroom spec, though it still needs a few spots of paint where the car had been scratched through. In all, I’d say he did a pretty bang up job. Check out the video and see for yourself.

I truly wish I had the patience for detailing a car like this. None of my cars have seen so much as a foam wash mitt in years, as I usually run them through the touchless wash a few times a year. This deep clean process of removing undertrays and scrubbing out carpets is beyond anything I’ve ever deemed necessary, and certainly wouldn’t love the idea of my car sitting for three days just to get clean. But somehow Larry manages to turn the whole project into an interesting and fun discussion of automotive cleanliness.

I suppose if I had a full height lift, all of the chemicals and tools on hand, and access to a wash bay and compressed air, I might find cleaning a car this deeply to be fun and exciting as well. What do you think? Is it time for your Porsche to get a full deep clean treatment like this?


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