You can add night vision to your vehicle

Credit: Original article published by Classic Cars Journal.

How often do you hear stories of someone hitting something on the road in the middle of the night because they just could not see it in time?  Lanmodo Night Vision Systems says its equipment enhances visibility at night and rain or fog so drivers can experience safer driving in driver-unfriendly situations.

Camera view reaches up to 984ft down the road

You can experience night driving in 1080p and in full color through the Lanmodo system either mounted to your dash or windshield.  On-time images amplify any light available by utilizing active infrared light magnification to provide a vibrant, no-lag video feed reflecting up to 984 feet down the road.  With a 36⁰ wide-angle field of vision, the Lanmodo reaches over twice as far as the standard high beam.

The system is designed to work also in rain and fog. I have yet to test the performance during a foggy day, as we do not get much here in Arizona, but the system proved to be very helpful with a clearer view during rainy days, even with rapid heavy downfall. 

Another perk of the product is that it also provides a clear view during times of high glare or when an oncoming vehicles headlight is overpowering. 

Installation is easy and does not require any type of modification on the vehicle, especially when the dash mount is utilized. 

The kit comes with:

*For 24V cars, an optional 24V to 12V converter is available.

A 720p rear-view camera is also an available as a package option which only requires a camera to be mounted in the rear, and a camera cable run to the unit.  Toggling back and forth between cameras can be done with a button on the top of the video unit.  The rear-view camera is IP67 waterproof with a 170⁰ ultra-wide angle lens.

The Lanmodo Night Vision System is a great addition for those who drive often at night and in areas with little to no ambient light.  It would seem to be a great companion on road trips to areas one may not be familiar with as well.  

Giving you a better look down the road without constantly having your high beams on, the unit is low profile enough not to obstruct your vision, but large enough to give you a good view of what is ahead.  

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