Porsche Cars North America Sales Rallied In 2020 To Deliver The Second Best Year In History

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After the Coronavirus pandemic initially brought Porsche sales to a halt in much of the United States, and production to a halt in Germany, the company has managed to find a way pump up numbers in the latter half of the year to get PCNA its second best sales year in history, falling just over 4,000 units short of the 2019 record. With impressive demand for the all-electric Taycan, Porsche managed to carry a decent year from 2020, despite, you know, everything. The fourth fiscal quarter of the year, from October to December, changed everything as demand and deliveries actually exceeded that of 2019 by making up almost a third of PCNA’s annual sales.

“Achieving our second-best sales year in the U.S. despite the many challenges of 2020 is a testament to the resilience of Porsche, the dedication of our dealer partners, and the excitement generated by our brand,” said Kjell Gruner, President and CEO of PCNA. “Now we start 2021 with the most diverse and complete range of cars we’ve ever had – from the groundbreaking Taycan to the sleek Cayenne Coupe and phenomenal 911 Turbo S. I am optimistic for PCNA and our 192 independently owned and operated U.S. dealers.”

Obviously Porsche’s highest demand models remain its impressive sport utility vehicles, the Macan and Cayenne. While SUV sales were down from the previous year, the company still managed to sell enough of them to keep its record year within reach. With seven full nameplates in the brand’s portfolio now, the company sells more different models than it ever has before. This expansion is partially responsible for the good year that Porsche managed to pluck from the ashes of 2020.

Porsche CPO sales in the U.S. totaled 7,081 vehicles in the fourth quarter. For 2020, CPO sales were up 8.6 percent with 27,261 deliveries.

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