Chevrolet most popular with Marketplace searchers

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People searching for collector vehicles on the Marketplace website were consistent throughout 2020. Their most popular search topic was for Chevrolet.

Each month, we report on two categories of Marketplace searches, those that specify a year, make and model, and those wanting to see the fully array of vehicles from a specific brand. 

In December 2020, just as in the previous month, the most-searched vehicle by year, make and model was the 1967 Chevrolet Impala. Second was the 1969 Ford Mustang, which had been No. 1 from August through October. Third was the 1967 Mustang, which had topped the list from April through July. Fourth was the 1969 Dodge Charger, which had been No. 1 from January through March.

Yes, indeed, those looking for specific vehicles like the late ‘60s muscle cars.

“I feel that there are three reasons for the continued interest in the Impala and all late 1960s muscle cars,” said Andy Reid, the Journal’s East Coast editor and marketplace analyst.

“The first is that they are quite simple to service and parts are inexpensive when compared to other collector cars. Second is that they offer a relatively modern driving experience and are cars that are still as viable as daily drivers as they are as collector cars. Third, they represent one of the most important period in American muscle cars, being built near the beginning of the muscle car era and are iconic representations of that period.”

But back to the more generic search list and Chevrolet’s reign as the favorite, a spot it has commanded since October 2019. As you might expect, all-year Ford was second and all-year Mustang was third. Those three were the top three throughout 2020, though with Ford and its pony car swapping back and forth between second and third.

1970 Chevrolet C10

Chevy’s popularity comes through again in December with the brand’s vintage C10 pickup truck fourth on the list. 

“The C10 pickup is not unlike the Impala and other ‘60s muscle cars,” Reid explained. “They are the design that to many people typifies what an American pickup is supposed to look like. 

“Also like the Impala and other muscle cars they are both simple to own and are able, depending on how they are optioned, to be used as a hauler as well as a show truck.” 

Climbing into the No. 5 position was the Buick Grand National (up from sixth) with all-year Dodge up to sixth from 10th the previous month.

“The reason for the Grand National interest comes down to just how great a car they are,” Reid suggested. “The Buick Grand National was the quickest car built in its era and has due to that fact as well as its appearance in the Fast and Furious movies, to become a modern-day collector car icon.”

Delorean, which was fifth as recently as September, continued its decline, dropping well out of the top-10. Searchers again showed interest in the Datsun 240Z, just outside the top-10 for the second month in a row. Also emerging among those just outside the top-10 in December was all-year Pontiac.

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