Ducati releases its 2021 Apparel collection

Ducati has released its 2021 apparel collection with a range of motorcycle clothing and everyday pieces designed to suit seemingly every kind of occasion.

“From travels, even the most adventurous off-roads, to sporty riding on the track or everyday commuting in the city And, for when you’re not riding, Ducati offers a range of accessories and casual clothing,” Ducati said in its news release.

Combining design and technology with comfort and safety, the collection was conceived just like the motorcycles – with unmistakable style. In the collection, you’ll find four distinct lines: Racing, Sport, Touring and Urban. 

The Racing line, dedicated for track use, features Ducati’s new DC V5 helmet with a strong SNC2 (Structural Net Composite) fiber out shell and is reinforced with “Peripherally Belted” construction, which is “a patented fiber reinforcement band positioned along the top of the helmet,” Ducati explained.

“The visor system gives a wide field of vision when riding at any lean angle and is equipped with an opening mechanism derived from the automobile industry, with optimized ventilation for maximum stability and efficiency at high speeds,” Ducati added

In the Sport line, you’ll find the Ducati Corse C5 leather jacket “designed for sporty road riding and has a design that stands out thanks to the use of Ducati logos as graphic elements, which give the garment a modern look,.”

The jacket comes with interchangeable aluminum shoulder platers, composite protectors on the elbows, and has room to insert back and chest protectors.

New to the Touring clothing line are Aqua rainproof jackets and trousers designed to be durable, practical and perfect for rainy day rides.

And for city riders, Ducati created the Urban line with items like the Downtown C2 technical sweatshirt that combines style and protection. “The exterior is in cotton-feel stretch polyamide coupled with microfleece, while the inner mesh lining has anti-abrasion reinforcements in aramid fiber, should and elbow protectors and a pocket for inserting a back protector.”

You can find the entire Ducati Apparel 2021 collection in their online shop.

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