The Bugatti of home audio has arrived

Automaker Bugatti and sound-system producer TIDAL Audio have announced a partnership to create a new standard for home audio systems.

“The partnership between Bugatti and TIDAL Audio begins with the ‘Royale’ range of speakers that lead the way for luxury in the home audio sector,” Bugatti said. “Technical avant-garde meets a passion for design, the perfect finish and outstanding results – with visual promise of the breathtaking performance that follows.”

The partners say that like a Bugatti, the speakers have an infinite number of customization options so they can be unique to each owner. Customers can select from two main design themes: Monocoque and Duotone. They then can choose to add carbon fiber, fabric, leather, polished stainless stee, dark aluminum, and precious metal surface design elements to their speaker.

Each speaker shows the iconic Bugatti logo plaque along with a limited-edition ‘TIDAL for Bugatti’ plaque on the backside.


“The ‘Royale’ is deploying four subwoofer drivers per speaker and a 3-way front unit with a midrange-driver and tweeter with diamond diaphragms,” explained Bugatti. “The diamond diaphragm tweeter can be also found in our cars. The Royale is an active speaker with housing extremely powerful amplifier channels inside. The matching music controller allows to connect to all kinds of sources, including music streaming services and TV and can be controlled with smart devices.”

To learn more about their collaboration and the speakers, visit TIDAL Audio’s website.

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