Cerebrum Sensor Technologies Unveils Revolutionary Tire Load and Tread Depth Monitoring Solutions

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It comes as no surprise businesses have had to adapt to ongoing challenges in 2020.  The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has impacted income, supply chains, employee health, etc. in ways like never before.  In particular, most small and large businesses alike have put a hold on research and development initiatives with the sole focus of the year being survival. 

Despite these challenges and trends, Los Angeles-based Cerebrum Sensor Technologies has doubled down with their development of smart tire technologies.  “When we launched Cerebrum last year [2019] we knew it was the first product on the market to offer real-time tread depth monitoring; so we had to set the bar high.” said Keith Ferry, CEO of Cerebrum.  He added, “This year we’re excited to add the radial tire load measurement feature to our innovative smart tire solution.  With the ability to monitor tread depth and tire load in real-time, we’re enabling an industry shift away from reactionary, troubleshooting of tire issues to proactive and preventative servicing.” 

Innovation is nothing new to the team at Cerebrum, who’s founders also pioneered the introduction of aftermarket tire lettering in 2007 through their company Tire Stickers.  Cerebrum made a splash at the 2019 SEMA Show and 2020 CES event with the launch of their product: the market’s first commercially available real-time tread depth monitoring tire-mounted sensor. At the all-digital SEMA Show this year, Cerebrum unveiled the latest add-on feature to their sensors, which can measure radial tire load in real time.  This revolutionary technology was recognized by industry leaders, winning Cerebrum a coveted New Product Award at the event. “Since the launch of Cerebrum, we’ve received overwhelming interest in our technology despite the challenges in 2020.  We’ve had the privilege of working closely with a broad range of consumers and businesses including tire and automotive OEs throughout the year to further refine our tread depth algorithm as well as introduce tire load monitoring” said Ferry. 

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Cerebrum has demonstrated its tread depth monitoring solution on over 500 tires within the past 18 months since its launch.  The technology has proven to have consistent accuracy of less than one millimeter across multiple tire and vehicle types.  The company initially focused on passenger and light trucks, providing a solution which was accessible to consumers through the Cerebrum mobile application.  “Despite advancements in TPMS over the years, the majority of people still do not recognize or understand a tire issue and pressure is not the only factor.  We wanted to empower consumers with the information they lacked in order to improve their safety, efficiency and performance on the road” added Ferry.

With the launch of Cerebrum’s radial tire load monitoring feature, the company aims to expand its audience to fleets where tire wear and efficiency are major cost drivers.  The tire load monitoring feature is currently ongoing pilot trials, which are anticipated to conclude by Q2 2021.  The feature will be available to existing customers through a software update without any hardware changes though the company is launching additional receivers and sensors for specialty applications.  Cerebrum analytics are made available through the cloud from a vehicle-equipped receiver (such as a smartphone), enabling remote monitoring of an entire fleet from any location.  “With clear insights from smart tires, drivers, fleet managers and autonomous vehicles can make better informed decisions to improve performance, efficiency and safety; we believe the technology behind Cerebrum will enable that” said Ferry.

For more information about Cerebrum’s tire-mounted sensors or proprietary algorithms, contact info@cerebrumsensor.com or call 424-272-5262.

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