Best Luxury Workout Equipment for Your Home Gym

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Now more than ever, home workouts have become a vital way to ward off stress in the face of Covid-19 and maintain your workout routine despite the quarantine. While fitness centers and clubs are currently closed to prevent the spread of the global pandemic, now is the time to curate an up-to-the-minute designer home gym. Far beyond standard machines and clunky, unsightly equipment, these pieces will make you want to show off your couture home gym. Not only will this equipment help to tone your physique, it will also add an element of style to your home and and air of sophistication to your design. Here, we suggest top-of-the-line luxury equipment to complement a premier home workout facility.


LOVA™  Luxury Kettlebbels Set

European oiled walnut wood provides a good grip and gives pleasure to the touch upon contact with the wood. This type of wood exhibits antibacterial properties and in combination with a fixed steel, creates a harmonious system of health and nature. This is very important when using these luxuries accessories in special conditions.

ROBUSTO Leather Handheld Weights

Handheld weights for toning, stretching and running are pleasantly soft, yet sufficiently heavy. Contrast stitching hand made in Florence/Italy with Italian leather coated in antibacterial. Dimensions: 140 x 47mm (5½“ x 2“) (1000g)

Louis Vuitton Dumbbells

These Dumbbells have a striking aesthetic and sporty appeal. They are an ideal gift for those who wish to exercise in style or elevate their home gym with exclusive Louis Vuitton details. Each weight, made from lustrous metal, is finished with an eye-catching Monogram Eclipse canvas handle and House signature engravings.



The Peloton bike brings you the most convenient and immersive indoor cycling experience, streaming daily live classes from our NYC studio directly into your home. You’ll have 24-hour access to studio cycling classes available to your entire household.

NOHrD Bike

Introducing the NOHrD Bike – an indoor cycle with an innovative, aesthetic design adhering to our continuous high demands on functionality. Using advanced planetary gearing with a solid wood and steel frame, this bike is extremely durable, perfectly suited for professional use in the fitness studio or home gym.


Peloton Tread

The Peloton Tread is here to meet every fitness challenge you set yourself. Experience a mix of live cardio and strength workouts to fit your goals, and training by top NYC instructors that fits your schedule. Welcome to your very own private fitness studio.

Sprintbok by NOHrD

A “Concours Lépine” design award winner, the classic Sprintbok presents itself with impressive new features. The Sprintbok by NOHrD stands out from the conventional treadmill aesthetic through a slender, curved form and elegant wood frame.

Functional Training:


Tonal’s patented digital weight system makes thousands of calculations a second to deliver you a smooth weight lifting experience using magnets and electricity. By eliminating traditional metal weights Tonal can deliver 200 pounds of resistance in a device smaller than a flatscreen TV.


The Kinesis Personal Vision is the ultimate piece of designer gym equipment for both home and wellness environments. It allows the user to rediscover and improve their strength, coordination, flexibility, posture and breathing control.


Hydrow Rower

Every aspect of Hydrow is engineered by rowing experts to elevate your experience. From computer-controlled resistance to revolutionary Live Outdoor Reality™ technology, Hydrow delivers an effective and enjoyable workout that brings the river home to you.

WATERROWER S1 Rowing Machine

The WaterRower S1 is a limited edition model and features a brushed stainless steel frame and the S4 Performance Monitor. It is the product of a design project by WaterRower Germany. Like all WaterRower design projects, it is available in limited numbers as a special order.


The Ergatta Rower includes everything you need to get complete, challenging and motivating workouts in the comfort of your home. Competitive. Hyper-personalized. Hundreds of interactive workout options that put you in charge.



Stealth turns boring planks into a dynamic core workout that is fun, effective and only takes a few minutes a day. Stealth Games are designed to never play out the same way so you’ll always be in store for something new and exciting.

Jump Rope:

Tangram® Smart Rope

Smart Rope is and LED-embedded jump rope that displays your fitness data in mid-air as you work out. Much like film or animated movies, the LEDs light up at different times as the Smart Rope rotates around you, creating the appearance of a single display floating in mid-air.

SIENNA™  Skipping Rope

Simple piece of luxury exercise equipment is all you’ll need to get an incredible workout. Make your your fitness goals on your own terms.



Crafted of heavy-duty cowhide leather, punching bag holds up to years of sparring and makes a handsome display between workouts. Design details include: Heat-embossed logos, rich detailing and quality black leather. New Zealand-based MVP, an acronym for “modest vintage player,” reimagines old-school sporting goods using timeless materials that age with class.


FightCamp is designed to keep you engaged, focused and in the zone. Endless variety, uplifting beats, motivating trainers and powerful technology combine to create a uniquely satisfying workout.



This isn’t just a mirror. It’s a cardio class, it’s a yoga studio, it’s a boxing ring, it’s your new personal trainer, and it’s so much more. Enjoy unlimited access to MIRROR’s best-in-class workouts through the MIRROR App. Access the full MIRROR workout library from your phone, tablet and smart TV devices and enjoy tens of thousands of classes 24/7. Access available to MIRROR owners only immediately on purchase.



Depth, speed, and force are the key to any deep muscle treatment, but are most effective when delivered in the right dose. Theragun is scientifically calibrated to reach 60% deeper into muscle than the average massager, at 40 times a second, for greater therapeutic benefits to the body.

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