A Museum-Grade Jaguar XJR-15 For Sale By The Cultivated Collector

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XJR15 35

Jaguar has created some incredible vehicles throughout its history, from everyday commuters for the family to track-inspired supercars that now classify as collector chassis. One of those collector Jaguars is the XJR-15, a 6-liter 12-cylinder sports car produced from 1990-1992. Out of only 50 chassis produced, this number 5 example available from The Cultivated Collector is the most immaculate, making its debut at Quail in 2019. The Jaguar XJR-15 is finished in factory dark blue paint and features tons of carbon throughout the interior that has been kept meticulously, making it a museum-grade supercar. Mechanically, this XJR-15 has benefited from a recent major service and was thoroughly recommissioned including a fresh clutch from AP Racing. All historic records, service documentation, manuals, and photos taken during period delivery accompany the sale. Click the link below to learn more and enquire about the Jaguar XJR-15 for sale by The Cultivated Collector.

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