Bugatti Patents Dimpled Air Scoop For The Bolide

Credit: Original article published by Autofluence.

05 bugatti bolide dimple airscoop sketch

Feeding four turbochargers is not easy. When engineers began to study the aerodynamics necessary to do so, Bugatti patented a dimpled air scoop for the upcoming Bolide. Placing an intake above the cockpit was a compromise before this innovation. The slipstream along the roof changes as speed increases, its the same reason why semi trucks have spoilers above the cab. In order to keep the air flow stuck to the body, the intake deploys 60 small dimples that act like the surface of a golf ball. Once fully deployed, drag is reduced by 10% and lift is reduced by 17%. This allows the Bolide to save weight by not needing the massive active aero components used on the Veyron and Chiron. The press release hints that there are other secrets yet to be revealed, so stay with us for all your Bugatti news.

06a bugatti bolide dimple airscoop
Bugattu scoop detail


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