Finding the El Chapo McLaren F1 in Mexico

Credit: Original article published by Autofluence.

el chapo mclaren f1

McLaren F1, chassis #39, has been missing for quite some time. With a Brazilian Brown exterior, this F1 was built for the CEO of McLaren at the time but his wife detested the spec he ordered. From there, the car was sold to a local buyer. After a couple of years, it’s rumored that the F1 was then sold to a buyer in Mexico. Who that buyer was is still up in the air but it’s assumed that it was sold to someone very close to El Chapo who had passed away. From the late 90s on, this F1’s location has been unknown, but Ed Bolian of VINwiki was tasked with finding its whereabouts. You can learn all about his adventure with the El Chapo McLaren F1 in the VINwiki video down below. It’s 100% worth the watch because it’s an insane story.

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