URWERK Reveals the EMC White Ceramic ‘Stormtrooper’ Watch

urwerk emc stormtrooper 2urwerk emc stormtrooper 2

A new timepiece from URWERK has just landed from a galaxy far away called the EMC White Ceramic aka ‘Stormtrooper’. Why the name Stormtrooper? Well, just look at it. If you’re familiar with the Star Wars franchise, as you probably are, you know that the black and white colorway of their outfits is unmistakable. This new watch features that same colorway, through its white ceramic case and matte black surfaces on the dial. What’s more, the futuristic design of the dial matches up perfectly with the Stormtrooper vibe. Powering the Stormtrooper is the calibre UR-EMC2, which controls the separate indications on the dial. On the dial, the wearer will see the hours and minutes dial, 80-hour power reserve indicator, seconds dial, and precision and amplitude indicators. While that seems like a lot, URWERK has placed each indicator perfectly so the dial is not overwhelmed. Just five examples of the URWERK EMC Stormtrooper will be created. For more information, be sure to visit URWERK.com for more.

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