Hoonicorn Mustang vs. 8-Second Audi RS3

Hoonicorn audiHoonicorn audi

Sir Kenneth Block and the Hoonigans are not afraid to take on the world. As we have seen in recent days, one particular 1965 Ford has been dishing disappoint to all opponents. In their latest upload we see the Hoonicorn Mustang against an 8-second Audi RS3 in another impressive comparison.

Ken Block’s Hoonicorn Mustang Price & Specs

For a quick refresher, the Hoonicorn sends 1,400 horsepower to all wheels. IROZ Motorports built the opponent by starting with a 2018 RS3. One of the most coveted models in the U.S., these aggressive sedans are only imported in small batches. It offers 1,100 horsepower to all wheels using a single turbo. Because the Mustang is a tube-frame chassis it saves on weight compared to an Autobahn assault weapon. Nevertheless, our dealers try to keep the RS3 available for you. Click the link below to find yours and stay with us for all your Hoonigan footage.

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