Nico Rosberg’s First Drive Of Rimac C_Two

Nico RimacNico Rimac

Last week we shared the news that he was embarking on a new journey. Going behind the scenes, the racing superstar extolled the virtues of a powerful electric supercar, and now we can witness Nico Rosberg’s first drive of a Rimac C_Two.

Nico Rosberg Builds New Rimac C_Two

Mate Rimac and his team began by offering solutions for electric power to the world’s biggest automakers. Now at the close of their first decade, they are empowered by learning how everyone else does it wrong. Having an objective look at the industry gives them freedom to change the rules, and it is this bold nature that caught the eyes of Porsche. Now with a 15% stake in the company, Rimac has done much of the legwork for the Taycan and even the Koenigsegg Regera. Nico seems to have a top spot on the reservation list, so stay with us on Rimac updates as their latest car approaches production.

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