Porsche Is On Track To Deliver 20,000 Taycans In 2020

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Porsche’s first all-electric car has proven to be a sales success already. The German marque can’t even build these things as fast as it can sell them. The six-figure Tesla-beater is selling in numbers bigger than any other sports car Porsche currently builds, losing out to only the SUV models in the company’s lineup. Despite the challenges of selling new cars in 2020, what with financial crises, international pandemics, and closed dealerships and production lines for several weeks, the Taycan is among the best selling brand-new Porsche models in the company’s history.

In an interview with German-language magazine Auto Motor und Sport, Porsche CEO Oliver Blume said this:

“Despite the closure of dealerships and factories during the first corona wave, we will exceed our original target of 20,000 vehicles sold this year,”

Considering that Porsche has only delivered 2,897 brand new Taycan models to the U.S. market through the end of Q3 2020, and only about 10,000 examples globally, the company must be planning a huge push to deliver around the same number in a single quarter from October through the end of December. Do you have a Taycan order waiting to be delivered? Surely Porsche will be dropping it off to you soon if it hopes to meet these lofty delivery goals.

As Coronavirus lockdowns begin again in North America and Europe, Porsche must be betting strong on retail sales in China, where the virus has largely been sequestered and life is more or less back to normal. Porsche has discussed deploying as many as 40,000 Taycans per year in the future as production ramps up, which would make it the company’s most successful and most plentiful non-SUV model by a pretty big margin. While the Macan and Cayenne sold just shy of 100,000 examples each in 2019. With the addition of an all-electric Macan coming soon, it wouldn’t be outlandish to see a majority of new Porsche sales be electric within just a couple of years.

Porsche went from a sports car company to an SUV company. Is it about to transition from a gasoline company to an electrons company?

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