Rule The Skies In The 2021 King Air 360

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All great planes are worth the wait, and this one has been at the forefront of our minds. Beechcraft has been building the best combination of luxury private travel combined with reliable & economical turboprop power. With more amenities and better build quality than any competitor, you will rule the skies in the 2021 King Air 360.

Our friends in Wichita have been hard at work addressing delinquencies in private aviation. As a successor to the incredible 350, the new King Air 360 starts with touchscreen avionics. Thanks to digital climate control, you will have a lower cabin altitude thanks to increased pressure. You will be able to cruise for 1,806 Nautical Miles with the ability to taste your food and without popping your ears.

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With room for 10 friends, you will be airborne in less than 3,300 feet with a payload of over 5,000 lbs. The interior takes contemporary styling from luxury SUVs, with ambient lighting, captain’s chairs, and stylish controls for air and lighting. If you enjoy the cockpit, new IS&S Autothrottles monitor torque and temperature to protect the turbines and running gear. Not only does it reduce stress on the rotating gear, it takes a nice chunk out of the pilot’s workload. You will be able to operate from short fields in remote locations, so pack your bags. We have been singing the praises of Beechcraft since our first issue in 1985, so click the button to learn why and stay with us for the latest updates from Textron Aviation.

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