An Incredible Opportunity Awaits at the Thermal Club Car Racing Facility

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A principal property owner seeks a principal partner to co-develop a lot at the Thermal Club car racing facility. Whether you are a novice track driver or a heel-and-toe expert, there is no thrill to compare with the passion for testing one’s driving skills while making like-minded friends for life. Thermal Club is a restricted desert community accessible by major highways and by aircraft, including helicopters, via a nearby airport. 

In these troubled times, sporting drivers can still fulfill their need for speed. Thermal Club, America’s premier private race track, located in southern California near Palm Springs, has remained open throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Thermal’s professional staff has met the serious challenges associated with keeping members, guests and employees as safe as possible. Thus, members and their guests responsibly enjoy the racing facility in a measured, socially distanced way.

As a result, Thermal Club is thriving, with an Italian sports car maker joining BMW as corporate sponsor-clients with an on-track presence. The track layout is designed to engage drivers of all skill levels, with a daunting variety of high-speed and tight turns, a long straightaway, S-turns, vertical undulations and broad, perfectly finished surfaces to accommodate busy weekends and club events. And yet the Club is quite exclusive, its membership limited to enthusiasts who can afford the significant discretionary expense and who meet the Club’s other criteria.

For the fortunate few, Thermal Club offers private membership through the acquisition of undeveloped lots adjacent to the track, which is due to expand with two top car-makers’  commitments. It is a family-friendly facility, with panoramic desert views, 100 octane on-site fueling, full-time mechanics and driving coaches with Formula One and IndyCar experience, pools, tennis courts, a jogging trail, superb restaurant, golf simulators, and 48 casitas available to members and their guests.

This offering consists of membership access through sharing a select lot that has been purchased and now awaits construction. It is prime real estate, one of the largest and most desirable lots. By partnering via this unique option, the cost of full Thermal participation is essentially halved, with seven-figure savings. The partner who takes advantage of this singular opportunity would cooperate with the existing owner to develop a luxurious two-family, free-standing residence of up to 8,000 sq. feet (2 x 4,000 sq. feet), including garage space for eight street and race cars. The gated Thermal Club community is distinct from surrounding developments, assuring your family’s privacy. To join in the fun, please inquire to John Hallenborg at or 310-872-1475. Thank you for your attention and consideration. Drive safely!

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