2022 VW Golf R Will Arrive With More Power & 3 Pedals

Credit: Original article published by Autofluence.

Volkswagen fans around the world have a reason to celebrate. Not only have they remembered the manual transmission, but they have also squeezed more power from their efficient 2-liter turbocharged four-cylinder. It hit our inbox this morning and we’re glad to report that the 2022 VW Golf R will arrive with more power & 3 pedals. Not only does it have variable timing on both cams, but the exhaust side also has variable lift. This allows the turbo to stay on boost no matter the situation.

You will have an additional 27 horsepower and 30 lb-ft of torque for a grand total of 315 and 310 sent to all wheels. The 4Motion system is all-new and able to send 100% of power to the wheels on the outside of a corner. Not only does this eliminate understeer, but it also makes the turning radius smaller when maneuvering through parking lots. A new power steering rack uses inputs from the throttle, steering angle, and yaw rate to determine the amount of assistance and feedback. Along with more camber on the front wheels, it will make this Golf a blast in the corners. Tell us your favorite VW memory below and stay with us for all your Volkswagen news.

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