How Much It Costs To Lease a Bugatti Chiron

If there’s one car in the world most people know is expensive without even knowing much about the automotive world, it’s any car from Bugatti. Flaunted by celebrities, these cars have become synonymous with the ultra-luxury lifestyle thanks to their high price tags and insane capabilities. But how much does it cost to lease a Bugatti Chiron? To answer that, Brooks from DragTimes went to Bugatti Broward to learn for himself. After getting a walkaround of the Chiron Pur Sport, he came back two days later to get the numbers on the 2019 Chiron. After trading in his new Ferrari F8 Tributo for $350,000, he would have monthly payments of $65,950 for a 24-month lease or $52,196 for a 36-month lease. You can see the entire talk and walkaround in the video down below.

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